Friday, December 18, 2009

My first miniature creations

Finally I had time to take pictures of my creations. I just love this new hobby of mine :) I am also very happy that I already have a follower!!

This little Tea Pot is my first creation with Polymer clay. I just love how easy it is to work with this clay and it is so fun.
Right after I finished my first tea pot I saw some tutorial on YouTube to make this tea pot. I didn't have the paint I wanted to use and my brush was terrible so it is not good but I could not wait to paint it.

This christmas pudding was my next project and I like it...I'm improving a bit ;)
I had trouble with the icing but I can't get the right glue or what it is you use to make icing here in Iceland. I need to order the right thing. I used some vernish and a white acryl paint and it is not working.

Today I made this cake and I'm happy with it. I just can't wait until I can make more ;)

Thank you for visiting and have a nice day :)


  1. Wow, looks like you're doing really well! I think the teapots are such fun, and the white one is cute even if you're not really happy with it. I think it has 'personality'. I'm sure a few cooks can relate to the problems with the sauce on the pudding :) Did you make the flowers that are decorating the chocolate cake?

    I don't do polymer clay at all (I use air drying clay for a few things but it is quite a different medium - if you pop over to my blog there are a pair of boots in the kitchen - look for the recent additions to the kitchen post - made from it and also a free form bowl under the title Just for Fun) - my standard line is "I hate to cook real food in the real world and I'm not going to start cooking plastic!" haha
    I think there are enough people out there already, including yourself, who are making a good job of working with it so I can just buy or swap if I really want something :) Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Thank you Norma :) I made the flowers myself and it is just rolled up ...very easy to make. I also like my white teapot but not the painting....I can do a lot better with good brush and the right painting. I like your boots and the bowl is great!

  3. Those flowers might be easy, but they are certainly effective :) Thanks for visiting (and following!) my blog. I have been a bit surprised at the reaction to my free form bowl, it was, as I said, just a bit of fun, and I needed something to put on a hallway table for another project. The boots are just as I wanted them to look, old, the leather all dried out, and of course dirty - I am sure there is a way to create this effect with polymer clay but ADC suits me at the moment.

    What will you do with the white teapot if you are unhappy with it? Will you repaint it, or just put it at the back of a shelf with other objects in front so that the form still shows but the painting is covered? I try to live by the ideal of 'use everything somewhere', that's one of the reasons why I decided to start an 'Antiques and Collectibles' shop project (it's still in pieces at the moment!), I think crowded shelves and boxes will be a great hiding place for the objects that just didn't turn out as hoped :)

  4. I will just keep the teapot like it is, it's very fun to see later how you get better with more practice ;)